Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cheetah girl

Hello people,
What do you think? Looks like a real cheetah girl huh? ;p
Rawr.. :3

and this high heels makes me really fall in love. so sexy !
and please welcome mr. leophard #drumroll
I am very proud of Indonesia national football team. yes, maybe they cant win today. but theyve become a great person for this nation, they were heroes, they are winners. yup,mereka itu pemenang melawan kecurangan, And from them I learned, a winner must have a big heart. no matter what happen, we still love you Timnas Indonesia.
Malaysia,is the new king of southeast asia footbal,but Indonesia is the king of my heart :))
irfan bachdim
bambang pamungkas
"timnas we always love you"


  1. found your blog :) great blog! i love your leggings can i have one? haha.

  2. Hi, first time visiting your blog.
    Nice post! I love the leopard thingy

  3. claudia : thankyou dear :)) hihi
    olive : thanks for visiting olive hihi :D
    nurwita : thankyou :D

  4. Halooo, wah koleksi leopard-nya bagus2... Aku mau semuaaa, hehehe... Aku follow km yah ;)

    Nice to meet you

  5. terima kasih petrushkabiel :)
    feel free to follow hehe



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