Wednesday, April 27, 2011

High school never ends

Long time no posting, i miss blogging and writing. Now, I want to share abt my Last day in XII social 1. Unforgettable moment! : nyanyi-nyanyi di kelas, nonton film, ber-galau bersama & I swear I'll miss you guys! i'll miss you friends, all BHK's 3rd graders. this is the last. thank you for all memories that happened for 3 years in BHK senior high school, i'll remember always.
already miss them, my sexy bitches. ( ory, agatha, naomi, ste, me, cindy, and anggun)
ini partner dari XD class. he so jazzin! (stephen firman, we call him as SF)
we playin that song and were singing together B)
ini the "galauers". tunggu video kita...di youtube :p
me and bilskhy. si kece dari papua :)
with anggun and billy

keep spying B) "I'll be missing the time I laugh out loud with my best friends at class during rest time or even class time"
cindy me naomi and sf
"we are paparazzi..."
"My best friend is the best pain killer. The ingredients are simple; caring and sharing"

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