Friday, April 29, 2011

Spread the love

This is post about Valentine Day that has not had time I wrote here, last February. I love them so much. My bitches, My partner, My best friend. They always there for bad times and good times. I am grateful because I have them. And I just want to show how much I love them with love letters for them.
(Naomi, me, Agatha, and Cindy)
this is the love letters made by me
And also a scrapphotos for one of them,we make handmade gifts that will be shuffled randomly, like me, I made this scrapphotos, And Puteri the one who get this gift.
our present..
Thankyou Puteri and Naomi for the letter...
This letter made me very touched and flattered. Thanks for the letter Cindy :)
Thats what friends are for, Right? I love you bitches!

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