Saturday, September 11, 2010

Deanni 's 17th birthday party

This event may have passed, but I wanted to share it with you guys.On August 28th 2010 on 6.30 p.m we arrived at Soho, Citos. We were greeted from one of the jazz band that fills the show at that time. Hihi they are cool ! :p

(here we are,me and my besties. puteri , cindy , me and naomi)

I was selected as the person who brings seventeen candles. Dan buat 17orang yang bawa candle dapet little cute cupcake :))

(our cupcakes-sexybitches)

(sexybitches-orie, anggun, cindy, me, ste , naomi, puteri)

with kembar (selly kelly) ,naomi,and dika ,pssst...dika kaya raja minyaaak ya hihi

(me and my superpartner : naomi ps : partner unyu <3)>

(me and rica,ps : what a nice dress rica)

(me and engel)

(cindy me and naomi)

(me and wawan-->orang paling ga bisa diem sedunia :p)

(puteri ,me and anggun)

(jupe and me...:)

(me,naomi and kembar)

and the last one,she is deanni...our birthday girl ! :D
thanks for the party darling...
we are enjoyed...




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