Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Birthday wish and gift

Thankyou God, Im nineteen. Im really happy, because I got a unforgetable birthday gift. Graduated from high school, surprise from family, met with special people like them (tangga) one day after my birthday. And also go to Bali for eight days with my best friends. I cant imagine seeing them one day after my birthday, completely outside of my plan. I havent seen them for a long time, finally I can meet and watch their performance again.

Heres the story begin, One day after my birthday, I went out to Bsd to accompany my fams, And I think I cant attend Bvoice radio Event who invited Tangga as a guest star in there. Tapi tiba tiba pas liat jam waktu on the way pulang, kayanya masih keburu nih. Dan melesat lah kita ke Binus University dengan sangat nekat, waktu mepet, ga tau jalan, nanya sana sini. Sebenernya udah ciut waktu liat jalan ternyata masih jauh, tapi lanjutin aja deh. And finally, we arrived di saat yang sangat pas dan tepat. In there, I met my guide, Ka Dodo. Dia yang nunjukkin jalan jalan nya. Thankyou ka Dodo hehe..

Dan abis ketemu dia, langsung buru buru ke backstage. Waktu mau buka pintu backstage, I can see someone that familiar for me, and within a few seconds he looked at me. Yea, He is Kamga. And Im so surprised, They say and sing happy birthday for me. Kamga pun menghampiri, terus dilanjutin dengan Chevrina yang tepat di sebelah pintu, dan nyusul Tata dan Nerra. And for a while after talkin with them, I just sit in the silent, I just cant believe it. What a wonderful day. Unplan, and I didnt tell them I want to attend that event. Im so surprised.
At my birthday, a birthday message from Kamga. Terharu :') Sederhana tapi tulus gitu wish nya. 
Once again, Makasi idola hehe.
Dan mereka pun perform, 1 kata buat perform mereka hari ini = PANAS. They can turn the atmosphere. They always great. "Nyanyi itu harus pakai hati, biar maknanya bisa sampai ke hati audience" - Kamga, 2oo8. Dan yang gilanya waktu malem itu, Kamga me-cover lagu Grenade, and Just the way youre. Dan saya melted ditempat.
I always love to see four of them, a perfect match. Check this out (click here) their performance on youtube
At backstage,
Nerra, Me, and Chevrina.
And I met, Raisa Andriana. Newcomer singer who had a extraordinary voice
I like the songs on her album. She is totally great. Congrats yaya for the album :)
Dan Ini dia jagoan jagoannya..(senyum pepsodent)
I brought a ​​baked macaroni schotle for them made by my grandma at my birthday.
Tadinya, I thought they would not eat it. Tapi, ternyata dimakan sampe abis, dan
Chevrina pun bilang gini pas abis, "Horeee abis macaroninya.." Dan yang lain pun
ikutan tepuk tangan dan bilang Hore. Seneng deh rasanya. And thanks for grandma,
macaroni nya emang paling juara.
too much happiness, full of laughs, and Im so happy. Thankyou my super mood and smile charger.
Thank you God, what a beautiful birthday gift.
Here some photos I took from jesica's blog, thanks to you. See you readers on my next post :)

And last, thankyou for all greetings and wishes on my facebook wall, twitter, message, and bbm. Kebahagiaan tersendiri waktu bacaiin semua wish nya. Dan especially I wanna thank you to Egga,
Makasih buat vn and something rahasia yang super spesial. Remember your wish? it truly happened.
Terima kasih ya kugy, makasih banyak :')


  1. how luck you are,sista :D

    i really love TANGGA
    nice to read yours,please visit mine :)

  2. you are so lucky!! I won't forget that event for the rest of my life. happy birthday by the way, wish you all the best:D

  3. cute blog

  4. How luck u are sist! nice to read ur blog. btw selamat ulang tahun ya,mudah-mudahan makin banyak pembacanya hehe.. ngga telat kan ya ? :D

  5. see? i have already visited your blog too :) have a great time with Tangga right? ;) hehe perhaps Tangga can perform with petra, haha can you help me to promote my blog? :( i need more followers to share my story , and happy birthday by the way!

  6. Hey all thanks for your lovely comments, I really appreciate it.

    @ Peny : Thankyou, already visit yours dear..
    @Prisilia Felicia : Hey :) Thankyou do I, Theyre so friendly and nice. Thankyou for your wish dear.
    @Julia_Julia : Thankyou :)
    @Diaan Apriliana : Wah terima kasih Dian :) nice to know you in here yah. ga telat kok, once again Thank you.
    @fahradina putri : Terima kasih udah mampir ya hehe, I hope so. Surely, Anyway mau aku promote dimana? twitter? twitter kamu apa?

  7. happy birthday dear! welcome to the new chapter of life :) so happy for you, you meet tangga and raisa (I really love raisa, too!) good luck for everything yaa :)
    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog anyway, you're the sweetest :)


  8. happy birthday dear.. how lucky you are!!
    have a wonderful year ahead..
    nice blog :)

  9. happy bday , sorry it;s too late , but best wishes for you :)

  10. nice blog dear :) and i'm giving you an award, do check it out here

  11. @nadyagita thankyou gita :) ah im flattered, nice to know you here dear hihi, youre the sweetest too.
    @vera : thankyou for the wish :D hehe and also thanks for coming here..enjoy'
    @Vaniaclarissa : thankyou i appreciate it, nope its not late dear :)
    @stephanie gracia : wow, thankyou very much dear for the awards. ive followed yours :D

  12. sudah ku follow loh twitter mu! :) mine @fanfaniy thanks thanks bytheway! :D nice to knwo you!

  13. Hi dear, thanks ya udah ngelink ke blog ku :)
    you're welcome~



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