Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A myraid of stories

Hello everyone! Im back. Im full of stories. Too many stories I want to tell. But sometimes lazy to open the laptop or busy with a variety of fun activities out there. So, maybe I'll start it one by one. Lately, I always spend time with my family, especially with my cousins. They really love "Master chef" tv programs. Dan mereka mulai meracuni saya. Jadilah beberapa masakan ala chef Patricia. Some of them... :"I love you fried rice" and "Melt ice choco creamy". Both of them are delicious. Wanna try some? ;)
I just bought a new dolls. Yea, Im not child anymore, but i still love to buy some doll and keep dreaming :D Can you see how cute they are?
Yea, im really full of stories. and ive made this one.. visit my website dear people.. http://flavors.me/lovepathie.
they are friends when I writing a stories..
I cant be far away from music and singing. And they are my friends when my life turns so boring. I just play a song and listen to it. I know that music is good medicine. When I listen to music, I forget all my probs and sadness, even just for a little while.

Anyway, ada dua musisi pendatang baru kesukaan saya. I really love both of them first albums, Raisa Andriana and Drimi. All of their songs are easy listening and I love it! Both of them have a different vocal characters, Tapi dua duanya still awesome. Semoga Indonesia makin banyak punya penyanyi seperti mereka.
Ive bought many books from bookstore. And theyre my homework. Karena banyak dan numpuk baru beberapa buku baru yang udah di baca. But it feels good when I finished reading a story and book. Seems like visit another world.
"Reading is music of mind" Theyre so cute and pretty cool. Just bought this at bookstore last week. Cute sticky notes, new diary, and book. I really like it.
Last, I just want to tell you how I love make up. Here some new stuff of my make up.
(mascara from maybeline, eye liner from mac and oriflame, nail polish from the face shop and lip gloss from Revlon) But I always use it, when I need it. I always make it simple and natural.
And I quoted this..
"Make-up can only make you look pretty on the outside but it doesn't help if your ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make-up." - Audey Hepburns.

Thankyou for your lovely comment on my last post and enjoy my post! :)


  1. sucha cute post, made me feel so warm!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i have an awesome segment that everyone is encouraged to participate in, it's called truth tuesdays. Tuesday is dedicated to telling a specific truth. It will be a personal fact, a belief, a wish, a dream,an achievement/accomplishment, or even something I feel guilty about! It'll be a sentence long, with no explanations, just THE TRUTH. My aim is to tell a truth, in hopes that it'll help me spread my wings a little wider, higher, sharper, and longer.

    Don't be afraid!
    Lets soar together.

    I cordially invite you to participate in this project,
    lets strengthen our confidence and sisterhood.
    the button is on the left side for pick up!

  2. LOVE THE RING YOUR WEARING!!!!!!...lovely blog..i'm following you now...follow back???
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xx

  3. great pics :D nice blog here!

  4. i'm always looking for new music...thanks for sharing these two albums!


  5. Hai there, thanx for dropping by my blog. :) are you a writer? :) I love novel and buy cute note. :) hehe.. lovely blog. :)

  6. Nice quote from audrey hepburn I love her!! I'm a new follower btw - mind following me back? :D


  7. You are never too old for dolls aha

  8. Carolina : wow, i will join that project dear. i will check yours. Thankyou for invite and visit mine :)

    chari and voni : Thankyou dear...

    delvy : aku penulis amatiran hihi. me love it too ! thankyou delvy..

    The shoe bunny : followed, yeah I love audrey hepburn so much@ hihi

    Arrow : hihi thankyou



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