Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspirasi Indonesia

Last Friday I attended the grand launching ceremony of Kompas TV. Big and Elegant.that night really showed an inspirational offering of Indonesian musicians and the most amazing thing is there are three great musicians on this event, Erwin Gutawa, Adie Ms, and Andi Rianto.
Opened with Gita Gutawa's and Musical Laskar Pelangi's Performance. Next is offering 10 years of Indonesian music golden decade 1990-2000. Tangga, Afgan, Judika, Lala Karmela and Bayu Risa, sang a few songs that popular in the decade.
As always, They are awesome.
special performance tribute to iwan fals, arranged by Andi Rianto then sing by Sandshy Sondoro,s Marcel and Judika. Marcel really stole my attention, his performance is too gorgeous. *lovestruck*

Sandhy Sandoro, his voice is too unique and I love it.
Andien, Monita and Citra. What a great collaboration.
Giring and Nidji,  Their performance always attractive. There also three other bands that also enliven the show, like Kotak, Ungu ft Andien and St12.

Laskar Pelangi make all the audience wants to sing and dance with percussion in our hands
 Rosa. She is beautiful. What a beautiful dress.
continued with the dances of our beloved country, Indonesia. Just tell me how can Im not love it! Awesome...
Special interlude in this program is Stand Up Comedy Indonesia, a comedy show that rarely appear on our television media. Pandji Pragiwaksono, Raditya Dika, and Indro Warkop.
 Kompas Tv's host : Darius, Nadine Chandrawinata, Chevrina Anayang, Shafira, and Mohammed Kamga.
Look who's coming toward us? He walked like a cover boy.
After He greeted us on the stage. He is our birthday boy.
 And its me, Enjoying this great night.. Just met Raditya dika, Pandji after the show. And will upload the photos soon. And gave our birthday boy a special gift. Im happy that He appreciate it. I will post about it later..
Thankyou for great night, great musicians. Indonesia must be proud to have them. Thankyou Nessie, Egga, Ian, and Jamal to accompany me to come this event. And some of the photos above are shots by Mega Hadiyanti Khairunnisa, Thankyou. Thank you 9 September...
Inspirasi Indonesia. I bet that this tv will inspires Indonesia. 

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